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Pharmaceutical Soap

Pharmaceutical Soap

being an eminent manufacturer, exporter and supplier in the global market, we are offering pharmaceutical soaps to our clients. With accurate chemical compositions, our pharmaceutical soaps are very beneficial for the skin disorders. The  different types of medicated soaps are for scabies, acene  like ketaconazole, clotrimazole, monosulfiram, povidone iodine, premethin, carboli acid, gamma benzene hexachloride. Etc., we also do supply, soaps for dogs from india..


ACNEDIM SOAP Anti Acne Soap 75 gm.
BREXELANT® Breast Firming Cream 60 gm.
CALLY KOOL Calamine 15% + Zinc Oxide 5% + Bentonite 3% + Sodium Citrate 0.5% + Aloe Vera 5% + Vitamin E 0.5% + Glycerin 5% Lotion 60 ml.
CLEAR HANDZ Hand Sanitizer 60 ml.
CLEAR WIN Clindamycin 1% & Adapalene Gel 15 gm. Plastic
COMFORT CONCEPT Hygiene Cleanser A Vaginal Antiseptic Cleanser 100 ml.
DENON Shampoo Ketoconazole 2% Shampoo 50 ml.
DENON SOAP Ketoconazole Soap 75 gm.
GRAPIN Grape Seed Extract Soap 75 gm.
MARKWIN Aloe Vera & Vitamin E cream 60 gm.
NEEM GUARD SOAP Aloe Vera, Neem with Vitamin E & Lanolin Soap 75 gm.
OLIMAX Soap Olive, Almond, Sesame, Wheat Germ Oils - For Nourished skin 75 gm.