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Spirulina  is a simple microscopic , fresh water  (alkaline) blue-green algae, containing  amazing  amounts of Nutrients like PROTEIN, VITAMINS, MINERALS, IRON, CARBOHYDRATES, BETA-CAROTENE, the pigment  PHYCOCYANIN etc.,  which are very important for our body function and GOOD  HEALTH. For the presence of high amounts of nutrients , in ancient days it has been consumed as FOOD ITSELF.

Our Spirulina is being cultivated in big fresh water tanks,  with utmost care throughout the day, by giving required alkalinity for the well growth of the algae. The growth media is well inspected  for the contamination of other species, dirts and dusts and  also by nature. The Harvest is being done every day early morning, the Biomass is washed, well-dried, packed, stored properly and then being marketed.

Protein : 55---70% : The  COMPLETE DIGESTABLE PROTEIN  present in  JESURLINA  is very high, compared to other Protein-rich-foods like  Egg, Milk powder, Chicken, Fish, wheat. Hence, It is advised as FOOD-SUPPLEMENT  to those who eat less food and vegetables.  It helps ATHLETS &  BODY BULDERS,and enhances the  ELDERLY PEOPLE, who have poor appetite and absorption of Nutrients in their body.

Iron : 1.8MG/ GRAM : The Iron (Haemoglobin) content in JESURLINA is Ten times more compared to other Iron-rich-foods like Chicken liver, Cooked crab, Beef-liver, Soya beans, Cashew nut,  Hence, it is very well recommended to eliminate the ANAEMIA.

Beta-Carotene : 2330 IU PER GRAM. :  JESURLINA  contains  high amount of Beta-carotene (Pro-Vitamin-A), compared to Carrot, Pappaya, Sweet potato, Chlorella, Water melon..etc., Hence, it is used  to improve  VISION -  thereby reducing the  risk of  NIGHT-BLINDNESS. And since it helps in metabolic functions, and repairs & maintains the skeletal structure, it has the ability to reduce the risk of all kinds of cancer also.

Phycocyanin : 140mg-200mg/ gram : present in the JESURLINA helps build blood , stimulates HEMATOPOIESIS, and improves  IMMUNITY by regulating white blood cell production.

Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) : present in the JESURLINA, helps the PREGNANT & NOURISHING  MOTHERS  , who need extra nutrients.

Jesurlina also offers all the essential  VITAMINS like Vitamin-A,B-Complex(B1,B6,B12), Vit-E, for the well -being of our body.
Jesurlina also contains essential MINERALS and trace ELEMENTS like Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, Magnesium, Phosphorous…etc. which play a  vital – role in maintaining good-health of our  body.

Thus,  Jesurlina :

  • Eliminates  MALNUTRITION
  • Helps build the body
  • Reduces risk of ANAEMIA.
  • Improves EYE-VISION
  • Enhances the PHYSICAL & MENTAL  ABILITY of children.
  • Stimulates the IMMUNE system.
  • Increases the ANTI-VIRAL activity.
  • Reduces the risk of CANCER.
  • Lowers CHOLESTEROL level
  • Significant reduction in BLOOD SUGAR level  in diabetics upon regular intake.

Recommended Dosage :
1 to 2 caps. three times a day.  Because of these above facts,   the WHO  recommends  SPIRULINA (JESURLINA)  A  BEST  FOOD  SUPPLEMENT.                       
Who Should Take Jesrulina :

  • Elderly people who have poor appetite and poor absorption of food & nutrients in their body.
  • People with HIGH CHOLESTEROL level.
  • People with DIABETES.
  • PREGNANAT and NURSING  women, who need extra food & nutrients.
  • ATHLETS & BODY BUILDERS , who need high protein.
  • People with ANAEMIA, who need to incrase their BLOOD HAEMOGLOBIN level.
  • People who have recovered from illness to REGAIN their previous health.
  • People who wants to become SLIM and doing DIETING to reduce excess fat.
  • People who are busy and pay little attention to their diet.

Jesurlina is the right FOOD SUPPLIMENT to everyone to improve their health in general and to strengthen their IMMUNE SYSTEM.


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